WCAS History

The West Central Airshed Society (WCAS) us the first Airshed in Alberta. Since its establishment in February 1995, several more Airsheds have been created in the province. Each Airshed is independent, but cooperate through the Alberta Airsheds Council.

The purpose of the Airsheds is to monitor air quality, provide education and outreach and seek remedies for air quality problems within the region. In the West Central Airshed, the potential impact of air quality on soil acidity, crops and forests was a major concern. The bio-monitoring research project has been collecting data for several.

The WCAS is a non-profit society established under the Societies Act of Alberta. The Society's Board of Directors includes representatives from agriculture, industry, municipal and provincial governments and non-government organizations.

The Society's work is funded by contributions from major industries operating in the region as well as through membership fees and grants from Alberta Environment and Parks.

Air Quality Data

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