Total Reduced Sulphur


Total reduced sulphur includes hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans, dimethyl sulphide, dimethyl disulphide and other sulphur compounds. Sulphur dioxide is not included in the determination of total reduced sulphur.


Sources include fugitive emissions from petroleum refineries, tank farms for unrefined petroleum products, natural gas plants, petrochemical plants, oil sands facilities, sewage treatment facilities, pulp and paper operations that use the kraft pulp process and animal feed lots.

Alberta Guidelines

Alberta's guidelines for ambient air are:

  • 1–hour average of 10 ppb
  • 24–hour average of 3 ppb

Note: No guideline for TRS is provided, so the H2S guideline is used.

Total Reduced Sulphur (TRS) Trends

Time Range


Air Quality Data

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